Discover Suitable Candidates Using Your Legacy Systems Data

The Elevate platform is ideal for high volume hiring. Ingesting large volumes of legacy candidate data into the Elevate Vault can identify the most suitable candidates at scale, delivering an instant curated talent pool and supply chain of the most qualified candidates, significantly reducing the cost of the search for the organisation.

The Vault dashboard can be easily accessed from the main Menu:

The dashboard offers a quick view over the make up of your Vault database: how many profiles it consists of and details about the different states of your profile uploads or conversions. It also has a special category for the profiles that require your action.

The top section of the dashboard will give you an insight on the statuses of the uploaded profiles

  • Vault Profile - the number of all profiles imported. Click on the View All button to see the full list
  • Experiences Imported - the total number of work experiences imported of all the profiles. Click on the Search button to look for an exact job title, skill or company name
  • Requires Attention - resumes that did not import correctly: a job title, date or company name might be missing. These can be corrected by yourself by clicking on the Review button
  • Uploads in Progress - any CSV uploads currently in progress

The bottom sections go into a bit more details.
You have an interactive pie chart which shows progress on the experience imports;
Vault Profiles will give you a quick overview on how many profiles have been imported and their current status;
Recent bulk Uploads gives you a list of the CSV files imported into the Vault;

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