How to set up default profile Sources, Talent Pool and Workflows?

From under the Recruit section in your Settings menu you can pre-set what sources Recruit to consider when running Matches, what Talent Pools to add candidates and what Workflow to follow when working on your vacancies.

Profile Sources 

While creating a vacancy, you can select from multiple different sources, including your Talent Pools, the Vault, and your Workforce.

Sources allow you to exert control over what candidates receive Recommendations - Be it from your Talent Pools, Vault or internal Workforce.

Talent Pools

While in the process of creating your vacancy, you can select Talent Pools, that Candidates will have the opportunity to join.

Once a Candidate applies, they will be added to the Talent Pool or Talent Pools you have selected. They can opt out any time they want. 

We can customize the Application cycle according to your needs. Contact Elevate Support to discuss the details and have this set up for you.