How to reach out to your candidates from the platform

Starting conversations with applicants to gather information, send out tests or set up interviews couldn't be easier.

Recruit provides you with a conversation system that will notify your candidates by email whenever you send them a new message.

You can start a conversation on vacancy level by contacting your existing candidates or you can also send a message to the current members of your talent pool.

Starting a new conversation

To create a new conversation, click on Conversations under the candidate's mini profiles, click on the 'Start Conversation now' button and start writing your message to them:

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The candidate will receive an email notification with your message, inviting them to log into their account and get back to you.

Receiving notifications

You will see notifications from conversations in-app, and if you are subscribed to emails, you will also receive notifications to there as well.

Once logged into your Elevate account, you can select conversations from the activity area, in the Notifications section.