Using the filters available, you can take a deep dive into your applicants based on your search criteria.

  • Skill groups These are the must have skills you selected when creating he vacancy. This allows you to filter by each skill . Each skill shows the number of applicants possessing the skill. These are the skills groups generated during the Scoring configuration step
  • Top 500 skills shows you the full list of skills of the top 500 skills that each applicant has. You can also use the Search bar at the top right which applies to all facets such as "Current company" or "Industry"
  • Rates can be filtered on as per day rates
  • Industries allows you to filter by the industries in which candidates have worked

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  • Talent Pool, allows you to filter on Talent Pool membership
  • Current company allows you to filter by the candidate's current company
  • Companies worked allows you to filter by where the candidate has worked in the past
  • Applied on filter will help you see the most recent applications

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  • Viewed by allows you to filter based on whether the applicant has been reviewed or has yet to be
  • Sources will help narrow down the list of candidates coming from the talent pool, recommendations, direct advert or job board
  • Right to work will allow you to filter by who has the right to work in a specific location
  • The Citizenship filter, allows you to filter by where the applicant is a citizen
  • Verification filter will help you see only those candidates who already have verified their ID and Right to Work on the platform
Selecting Job or Industry Relevance under the following filters will show ONLY those candidates that are marked in green, so those that have the Job or Industry relevant experience for the corresponding position. For example, If you select the Job or Industry Recency filter it will show only those candidates who have the relevant experience within the years you have set as requirement under the Scoring tab.

  • Job Relevance
  • Job Recency
  • Industry Relevance
  • Industry Recency

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