Alongside the Market Scores we have Experience and Industry Relevance for the scoring and ranking of candidates.

What is Experience Relevance?

Experience or Job Relevance measures the similarity between the vacancy description and the description of the Candidates previous work experience.

What is Industry Relevance?

Industry Relevance is a measure of the similarity between the hiring company and the companies that the Candidate has worked at.

The first thing you will see when opening up your Applications list is a quick overview of whether the candidate meets the requirements set under the Scoring tab.

  • Firstly, their full relevant experience - how long they have spent working in a similar role and how long they have spent working at a similar firm to the hiring company.
  • Secondly, marked in green - if they meet the minimum years of relevant experience requirement set under the Scoring tab. If we cannot confirm that they do have the minimum required years, we will mark it with orange. On the other hand, if we are certain they do not meet the requirements, we'll mark it with red.
  • We also score the candidates according to how recently they have had the required relevant experiences.
  • Finally, we are still displaying the market scores as before - Job Match score corresponds to Experience Relevance and Company Score to Industry Relevance. The "Market Score" represents where the applicant ranks against approximately 1000 potential applicants scored against the vacancy.

Relevance Tab

Under the Relevance tab you will have a summary of the Candidate's work experience according to the Experience, Industry Relevance and Skills requirements set under the Scoring tab.

  • marked with a   if they have the relevant experience/industry/ skills during that piece of work experience
  • we added a   if they do not meet the requirements
  •   will mark the piece of work experience the system could not confirm whether or not is relevant

The Relevance Tab gives a quick overview of the Candidate’s relevant work experience. This way, very quickly and easily, you can determine whether they have the required years of relevant work experience.

  • You can view Experience, Industry Relevance and Skill Groups under one tab. This saves time, as you don't need to switch tabs and gives a more rounded view of the Candidate's overall relevant work experience.
  • Use the Hover Over Text box which pops up if you hover over a timeline row giving you more details and the option to click for full description of the select piece of work experience

You can switch between the new look and the previous Grid view

We want to give the option for you to be able to choose which one you prefer:

You can highlight relevant work experience

Click on Highlight Usage in the hover over box on a Skill Group graph. This will open up a new window with the full work experience with the relevant sentences highlighted for your convenience. You can also choose to view ONLY the highlighted text

 Skill Groups

A full list of skill groups will now be displayed under the Relevance tab with the duration the candidate had these skills for.

Skill groups marked as 'Must Have' during the vacancy creating process will have another layer of requirements added: Recency and Duration. For how long has the candidate been working with this skills and within how many years? 
You will see wether or not the candidate meets these requirements above the Timeline view in the skill group cards. Each group has a card which contains
- the skill group's name
- the full years of experience the candidate has used these skills for
- the required years, and marked if green-orange-red if they have met this requirements
- the recency requirements, and marked in green-orange-red if they have met this

In the timeline view there are clearly separated the two sets of groups:
  • the 'Must Have' skill groups are added into the first set 
  • all the other groups at the bottom of the timeline graph
You can click an any of these groups to have a more detailed view of the relevant experience: