How interview booking works in Elevate

Interview Booking will allow you to schedule interviews with candidates directly through the Elevate Platform. Save time and have a full cycle of Application Process within Elevate.

Candidates can accept, propose a new time or decline the interview and you will be notified in-app and by email. (See more on Notifications here)

Scheduling an Interview

  1. Setting your Availability
Before starting to set up interviews with candidates, you will need to first set up your calendar availability. This can be done from under the Interview Availability menu on the Recruit Dashboard:

  • Select a Date from the calendar that works for you to have your interviews 
  • Add time slots when they are going to be available for the interview
  • The time slot can be deleted by using the little X beside it.
  • Apply to all ‘Fridays’ button = will apply the availability to all days like the one selected
  • Apply to [date] only button = will only apply the availability to the selected date
  • By clicking on any of the options your selection will be saved.

2. Inviting Candidates

Once the availability is set up, you can now invite candidates to interviews:

  • Navigate to the vacancy dashboard and open up your Applicants list
  • Select the desired candidate and click on the Interviews tab on the candidate card:

  • To set up a new interview, click on ‘New Interview’:
  • add the Type: Face to Face or Phone
  • Stage: is it the 1st Interview or 2nd, 2rd or 4th stage
  • Duration: approximately how long will the interview last
  • Location: add a detailed description on how to find if needed
  • Once the preferred details have been selected, click on ‘Invite Candidate’.

Candidate Response

An email notification will be sent to the candidate informing them that they have received a interview invitation from you. They can accept or decline the invite, and propose a new time and date

Once they log into their Elevate profile they are given the option to confirm the interview by selecting from the available time slots you have previously set up:

Once they confirm the details above, the interview will be considered scheduled and confirmed from both sides

You will be informed by email of the candidate's actions

Other useful Help Docs: