When you publish a vacancy in Elevate you will attract candidates to the role through external advertising on job boards and also by the recommendation process.

The important difference between Applicants and Recommendations are:  

  • Applicants are candidates who have actually applied to your role, and are found either within the specific vacancy: 
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or the main dashboard which will show all applications across all vacancies :

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  • Recommendations are those who we are Recommending should apply to your role but have not yet done so. You can view these from the specific vacancy dashboard:
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Recommendations defined:

As part of publishing a vacancy through Elevate you will see a set of existing candidate accounts from your Talent Pools that we believe are a good fit for the role. You can review a few of these candidates and send out recommendation emails to invite them to apply to your job vacancy. Notifications are sent to highly relevant active candidates that have a matching skill set, rate, location and right to work. Recipients of these notifications, or recommendations as we call them, can quickly apply.

Further help doc:  Reviewing Matches